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Mehrnoush Tafreshi

Mehrnoushn Tafreshi
Iranian student, Mehrnoush Tafreshi, suffers from Myopia, which causes her to be highly nearsighted and has caused a detached retina. A top student in Tehran and desperate for help, she wrote to Pope John Paul II for assistance. The Pope contacted the Polish American Congress in Cheektowaga, New York near Buffalo and requested his assistance in helping save the sight of this young girl.

Medical technology in Tehran is not equal to that here in the United States and in 1999, Dr. Atwal made arrangements through the Hope For Tomorrow Foundation and several service organizations to bring Mehrnoush to the United States. She had her retina reattached by retinal surgeons, Dr. Sara Lyn Notaro and Dr. Mark Comaratta. He then made arrangements for her to stay in the United States to seek further medical attention.

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